Welcome to the official website of Estonian Center for Integrity in Sports

The Estonian Center for Integrity in Sports (ESTCIS) is an independent, national, not-for-profit foundation working for and on behalf of athletes, players, coaches, parents, officials and administrators.

ESTCIS was established by the Estonian Olympic Committee on June 6th, 2019 and entered in the Central Commercial Register on September 18th, 2019.

The goal of the Estonian Center for Integrity in Sports (ESTCIS) is to promote healthy and fair sports by conducting high-quality doping control, anti-doping education for various target groups and contributing to national and international anti-doping cooperation. In addition to anti-doping activities, ESTCIS’s remit has included knowledge in match-fixing, abuse and spectator safety.

The aim of ESTCIS is to promote non-discriminatory, ethical and fair sports in Estonia,

including contributing to:

(a) the prevention of doping use;

(b) the prevention of manipulation of sporting events;

(c) the prevention of discrimination, abuse, harassment in sport;

(d) ensuring the safety of participants in sporting competitions;

(e) addressing other issues that threaten the integrity of sport in the presence of sport.

Our values

Work quality – All activities are carried out professionally and responsibly. Testing is guaranteed to ensure that all test conditions are met, ensuring equal treatment for all athletes and excluding the possibility of contesting the results due to circumstances arising from EAD’s actions or inactions.

International level – our activities comply with internationally agreed requirements and practices, which we ensure through continuous and active cross-border cooperation

Principles – We operate as an independent organization based on the principles and rules agreed in the World Anti-Doping Code, excluding the manipulation and influence of our activities by stakeholders with different goals.

Reliability and helpfulness – we are loyal and receptive partners to all participants in anti-doping activities

Confidentiality – we keep the confidential information entrusted to us and protect the right to privacy of the various parties involved in our activities

Transparency – all made decisions and choices are reasoned and understandable


Numerous athletes have been informed regarding the doping test procedures, TUEs and reporting in ADAMS via sport federations or face-to-face consultations.

Education target groups are elite and young athletes, coaches, school students, different sport organisations and media.

See also:

Drug database (in Estonian) – where athletes, parents and athlete support staff can check the status of medications according to WADA’s updated prohibited list

Prohibited list

Our team

Member of the Management Board  – Henn Vallimäe (PhD), henn.vallimae@eadse.ee +372 502 2554

Doping Control Manager – Marit Jukk (MSc), marit.jukk@eadse.ee, +372 529 2184

Chief Investigative Officer – Remo Perli (MA),  remo.perli@eadse.ee, +372 502 7604

Office Manager – Kadri Liivsalu, kadri.liivsalu@eadse.ee, +372 562 771 42

Coordinator (matchfixing) – Kalle Roos, kalle.roos@eadse.ee, +372 566 355 04

Safeguarding Officer – Ilona Kivisik, ilona.kivisik@eadse.ee, +372 562 274 05

Pharmacist – Janne Sepp (MSc), janne.sepp@eadse.ee

There are also DCO´s (doping control officers) who belong to the team.

ESTCIS has 3 independent advisory boards: TUEC, Disciplinary Board, Appellation Board

The activities of the ESTCIS are reviewed by the supervisory board consisting of four members.

Please feel free to contact us info@eadse.ee

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